Process Workflow

Process Workflow

Have kick-off meetings with the management to outline reporting process to be followed going forward

We understand there may be standard processes currently followed in monitoring the business and reporting back to the management. We should assess these and keep the processes that seem to work but also focus on optimising the ones that may need improvement.

Kick-off meetings with the Finance team of the business should suffice to map out the process to be followed to ensure accurate reporting and monitoring. This may need to be repeated in the following months until the process is fully functioning and provides for the desired outcome.

Following the above, we expect there to be a standard approach that we would follow on a monthly basis (i.e. to include all bookkeeping, invoice review, bank reconciliations, end of month review and closing off accounts, producing monthly management reports for the board). At year end, we expect there to be a bulk of work to close-off annual accounts and submit these together with the tax return.